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fire sprinklers AtlantaFire Sprinkler Systems installation & maintenance in the Atlanta, Georgia are specialties of Pro-Tec Fire & Safety.  Fire Sprinkler systems are critical to preventing injury and fire property damage and they are also being installed in many homes in the Atlanta Metro Area.  If there’s a single system most critical to the safety of your employees, visitors or building, it has to be an integrated fire alarm and sprinkler program, the lifeblood of any fire protection program.

Fire Sprinkler Systems are complex and require certified personnel for installation and maintenance. Pro-Tec has experts in fire sprinkler installation, modification, testing, maintenance and service, including NICET-certification in all aspects of sprinkler integration systems. Pro-Tec technicians are trained in all aspects of water-based fire protection systems for Georgia.

Our fire sprinkler system services include the management of wet, dry, pre-action systems (for sensitive areas), deluge, fire pumps, pressure-reducing valves and foam systems. We are continually upgrading our certifications and training to provide a higher level of competence and accountability for our clients in this field, particularly in inspection and testing. We service all types of fire sprinklers including pendant fire sprinklers, upright fire sprinklers, horizontal fire sprinklers and sidewall fire sprinklers by Globe, Viking, Tyco, Reliable, Victaulic and other brands .  We sell and install all types of commercial and residential including recessed fire sprinklers, chrome fire sprinklers, white fire sprinklers and standard brass fire sprinkler heads and systems.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and Testing - Atlanta

Pro-Tec Fire & Safety’s Fire Sprinkler inspection and testing program is the most thorough in Atlanta. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the operational status of your fire safety systems, enabling you to reduce risk, lower insurance premiums and make educated decisions on how alterations can improve your overall business safety. We can reduce potential disruptions to your business by keeping things in superior working order, and also ensure you are compliant to state and federal codes, inspecting and testing to the most current NFPA standards.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing includes a review of numerous NFPA criteria and guidelines, including:

    •Air compressors, pre-action valves, deluge valves, pilot lines and solenoids and strainers
    •Alarm components
    •Back-up sprinkler head boxes and tools
    •Control valves (accessibility, condition, position and visual signage)
    •Fire pumps and hydrant system water flow
    •Flow and pressure switch alarms and supervisory circuits (including low air switches and tamper devices and auxiliary functions)
    •Piping, hangers, drain valves and gauges
    •Provision and inspection of Fire Department Connections (FDC)
    •Sprinkler heads (condition, obstructions and position)
    •Tagging system devices and documenting system readiness

Fire Sprinkler Installation - Atlanta

firesprinkler2Istockpaid220We can furnish and install all types of sprinkler systems  for new commercial building construction. Our trained fitters perform accurate installation of fire sprinklers, and because we are a member of the NFPA, we follow all of its codes to ensure your system is installed properly.

We can help you select and install the proper fire sprinkler system when remodeling or renovating buildings. Just give Pro-Tec a cal and we will help you can create a safer new building long before you move in. We help you select the right fire sprinkler system and provide you with a quote. For existing buildings that require renovations for safety, we relocate sprinkler heads and install new heads where they are needed.   We will provide a safety analysis on the front end and integrate your new requirements into your overall Fire Sprinkler System security and safety plan. We’re equally as comfortable and adept at retrofitting existing Fire Sprinkler systems to meet updated codes and requirements. 


Qualified and Committed to Fire Safety

Pro-Tec  Fire & Safety is totally focused on customer satisfaction.  Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of attention sets us apart from others in the fire protection industry.  We are licensed with the State of Georgia and NICET certified for every service we provide and D.O.T. approved for hydrostatic testing. We are a proud member of the National Fire Protection Association, the Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association and the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors. We are founding members and also serve on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers.


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